09 May, 2009

Google Chrome TV Ads

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Google a big giant is now creating some creative videos for TV advertisement, Official google blog published one of the google ads created by Google Japan team.   It says we can expect more tv ads for google chrome in google chrome youtube channel . Google also produced an official TV ads blog

NewsNet2.0 is a famous program in NDTV India, as all day they provide some interesting segments by 11:30PM (+5:30 GMT), yesterday night  i was eagerly waiting to see NewsNet2.0, in my suspense on the program yesterday they had an interview with Shailesh Rao, Managing Director, Google India. Then i decided that there must be some […]

Here comes the curl script for displaying your google feed subscription details as text, it just retrives the feed count as a text.

20 Mar, 2009

World’s Best Time machine is Google

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Google are bigger these days, and so its technological trend too.  In google labs plenty of experiments are being visualized, but one thing i had noticed after enabling my “Google Labs “ feature in my gmail, i was shocked to see the accurate time of response of a mail in minutes, When i opened that […]


13 Mar, 2009

Blogger introduced Mobile Posting

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Accidently i happened to see a strange icon which links a script, on clicking that which opens a popup script saying “type the following code into your mobile and send to the number XXXXXXX” which means that we can post in our blog through mobile, Google these days are producing more competition to his its […]