13 Apr, 2009

You can hate digg for this one reason

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Click on the image and zoom it… you must hate this kind of commenting or spamming. There are totally two images (bad images).     The image might not be so clearer, click the image and view it in separate window. Reason 2


  Closer View  

06 Apr, 2009

Daily Life of SEO expert

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You guys must know that most of the SEO’s life is so miserable and most of them are insomniac.  Here is a chart depicts how they lead their life in a mechanical way. Oh God! You must save these kids from internet SEO fever!!!

NewsNet2.0 is a famous program in NDTV India, as all day they provide some interesting segments by 11:30PM (+5:30 GMT), yesterday night  i was eagerly waiting to see NewsNet2.0, in my suspense on the program yesterday they had an interview with Shailesh Rao, Managing Director, Google India. Then i decided that there must be some […]