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People who are using Command Prompt for some particular task have to browse to that particular folder if they have to execute the file in that folder in the command prompt window, by default your command prompt will show you your user name Root Directory like this “c:\Document and Settings\user>”. So you have to travel a huge path to reach your destination folder, which is a hectic work. Just think of how if we can go to that particular destination root directory of the folder when we open command prompt(“D:\mywork\destinatin>”)!!! Cool isn’t it?? Lets learn it from here.

13 Apr, 2009

You can hate digg for this one reason

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Click on the image and zoom it… you must hate this kind of commenting or spamming. There are totally two images (bad images).     The image might not be so clearer, click the image and view it in separate window. Reason 2


     You can create some custom messages or privacy policy or to do list in your pc when it is been login by your friends or your family members in your absence. Here is the tweak.  But you should very very careful in playing with your registry Click on start>run->type”regedit”->enter Now go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows> CurrentVersion>policies>system […]

Here comes the curl script for displaying your google feed subscription details as text, it just retrives the feed count as a text.

While u surfing in mozilla firefox browser, the memory consumption of browser will increase drastically even more than 100 MB if u opens plenty of tabs of worked for a long time, and hence your system will slows down drastically.