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Here is an another scary list of deadliest living creature which is the most venomous one, People be alert on this kind of things, mostly the sea water living creature are dangerous, be alert always.


1st Generation 1947 Traction control system (TCS) Prevents loss of control when excessive throttle is applied. Introduced by General Motors 1978 Antilock Brake System (ABS) This system is very intelligent which maintains steering control under heavy braking. by Mercedes Benz

12 Mar, 2009

Top 10 Happiest places in the world

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Here comes the top 10 happiest countries in the world, denmark ranks first in this list, On concerning terror factors that threatens plenty of big nations, these nations are terror free and a safe haven for all people who wants to enjoy their life.


Here is the Oscar Winners list for 81st Oscar Academy Awards. The man of the match goest ot the slumdog millionaire which bags 8 awards out of 10 nominees, the biggest aplause is for the music director AR Rahman, who bags 2 Oscar, this is his first nomination and first oscar award.

Faces Changes as Years Passes. We can’t stop our age become older. Our faces too get wrinkles and it increases, so as our age. Here is a presidential list collection of their Face Photographs taken during their Start and End Presidential Period. You may see how their face has changed.

One common thing in this list is, no one changed their hair style.. we can’t see much difference other than white hairs.