01 Oct, 2008

download Static Thunderbird Backup v2.5d

Static Thunderbird Backup v2.5d

Thunderbird Backup Express is a powerful tool which can backup Thunderbird email storage into an archive file with high compress ratio. This tool is very easy to use, following the wizard, you will get your messages, settings backed up. You also can encrypt your output archive file with password. A filename generator has built-in, you dont need enter filename on each backup process.
Easy to use interface
You just need few clicks to backup all your email data into an archive, to restore your archive, just double-click archive file in Windows Explorer, all email data will be restored quickly
Compress your archive
Thunderbird Backup can compress your archive with high compress ratio
Encrypt your archive with password
Thunderbird Backup also can encrypt your archive, before you encrypt your archive, you need enter a password for your archive, please remember your password. On next time you restore your archive, you will be asked for the password
Double-click backup archive (*.tbb) to restore
You just need double click on your archive file, the restore wizard will be started automatically, and the archive filename edit-box will fill your archive filename automatically
Backup My Documents folder
Backp your music, pictures and other files in My Documents folder
Backup Internet Explorer settings
Thunderbird Backup also can backup your Internet Explorer settings
Backup Favorites
Thunderbird Backup also can backup your Favorites
Archive filename generator
Use the filename generator, you can generate your filename with time stamp, using this function, you dont need to choose the archive folder and enter the filename on each backup
More than 4GB
Thunderbird Backup supports more than 4GB file storage







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