18 Jul, 2009

Shop Smart Buy or Sell Shopping Products Smartly | Teach Shopping to Children

Shopping Cart Icon With Technology at the doorsteps al the kids are aware and eager to shop some products.  So it is the responsibility for the parents to teach them right financial values well before they become teenagers.

Here are some tips to shop smartly, Teach these tips to your children.

  • One fun way is to give your child some money for his first shot at shopping, this is not recommended if your children is younger than 9.
  • Accompany your child to the shop but stay out of his way
  • Have a checklist with your child and make sure he understand that.
  • The shopping money you have is under budget, so be sure about your purchase and it must be equal to or less than this amount. ask your kid to ensure this.
  • Make an agenda about your shopping and list of shopping items before starting on your necessity
  • There are several manufacturer for a product, make your kid to clear about the cost and quality of the product and purchase it.
  • Ask for discount if the product has some offer’s, teach your kid to ask the discount, some shop’s ignore the discounts.
  • Put what you haven’t spent (savings) in a piggy bank. the next time while you shopping you will have a little extra!

So parents this is my advise to you to Purchase Products while shopping with your kids.  Teach them wisely

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