29 Oct, 2010

Trick on Mainframe PDS

These days I am working mainframes also, people who all are working in mainframe will know about the PDS properties, if we press ‘I’ against a pds it will [...] Continue Reading…

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28 Oct, 2010


Hi all The ownershhip of this blog has changed, I brought this blog, Soon I will update this blog with fancy and rich content.  I will reveal myself soon [...] Continue Reading…

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Did You miss to attend any call from a mobile number? you need to know from where they called? You want to know the mobile phone operator of that particular number? Don’t worry, we are having a big database here, Just enter the number and identify the circle and operator of that particular number. We have collected the mobile phone number codes from the cellular operators Association of India and prepared an excel sheet to make you easy to search and find the mobile phone operator and circle of that number. (suitable only for India)

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30 Sep, 2009

Increase IE speed

Internet Explorer

       Fine-tune Internet access speed Accessing the Internet has to go through a process called DNS resolution. DNS stands for Domain Name Service. Even though XP does a [...] Continue Reading…

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wikipedia 3 million article_logo

The World’s most used web based encyclopedia, Wikipedia has become one of the biggest knowledge resources, and soon(within a couple of week) it will goanna hit 3 million articles[Size of Wikipedia] in English language, this encyclopedia is not a hard copy it is a soft copy, fully web based and travelled a soft path in web article seeker’s. Soon we can expect Schools will refer Wikipedia article instead of books.

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