19 Jul, 2009

Problem on Opening a folder via Right-Clicking

Police: What’s your problem mam?

Winny: my PC works in a weird manner, while right clicking it opens some other program instead of selected folder.

Police: Oh no problem mam, just read the article below.

Context menu_ Problem on right clicking on a selected folder This can be overcome in two ways,

1.Tools->Folder_>options->Filetypes and choose the appropriate program, but this file folder or folder in the list does not allow you to make necessary changes.  So go for the next method.

2. This method use registry to edit the file types


In the right pane go to the following


In the right pane of the registry editor you will see a key with the name ‘Default’, if you have some problems in your system this key must have some other values.

Double click the ‘Default’ and change the value to ‘Open’ (just type open)

Click OK and close the registry editor.

Restart the computer or press[F5] a few times to refresh the desktop.

Try opening a folder, ‘Open’ should become the default option on a right-click

Winny:Oh Thank you Officer This Tip really Helps me and now i can able to open any files by right-clicking. Thanks a million

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