13 Aug, 2009

Wikipedia going to hit 3 million Articles | 2009

wikipedia 3 million article_logo The World’s most used web based encyclopedia, Wikipedia has become one of the biggest knowledge resources, and soon(within a couple of week) Wikipedia  goanna hit 3 million articles[Size of Wikipedia] in English language,  this encyclopedia is not a hard copy it is a soft copy, fully web based and travelled a soft path in web article seeker’s.

Wikipedia was launched 0n Jan, 2001 but it took 5 years to reach 1 million article milestone, but the 2nd millionth article count took a small time lap when compared to the 1st million, it took just 12 month to reach the 2nd million article, can you imagine the amount of manpower and their info brain created this milestone. during 2004-2007 the site analytics reveals that the active users [Note: Active Users] on the site increased from few thousand to more than 3,00,000 [says Wikipedia] they also said that the next million article after the rapid 12 month spree was not like the previous one, because it took 2 years to reach and is still growing, on an average there were over 2200 article added every single day, but after July 2007 the count reduced to 1800 [Recession Effect?].  However the active user of Wikipedia is static.  The chart given below explains this wikipedia statistics

Wikipedia is growing day by day, as expected a team from California (parc) [by Ed H. Chi] researched about how possible is this and on what pace the articles are growing.  In order to build a better collaborative software they(the Augmented Social cognition group) digging deep to know what is actually happening on this online encyclopedia, They have downloaded the entire website, the site weigh heavily even after applying some compression algorithm, the total weight is 8TB(8 terabyte).  They also discovered there is some stable group of high  level editors has increasingly responsible fro controlling the articles in the site.


image via: funny-potato

Here is some crispy news of printed version of Wikipediawikipedia-print-book wikipedia-book

image via: Rob-Matthews

There is no doubt schools soon refer Wikipedia for their lessons instead of books, Can any one imagine where Wikipedia ends?


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